Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Deresa Choi received her bachelors from Ehwa University in South Korea, Masters from Columbia University in New York, and Diplome D'etudes Approfondies from University of Paris VIII in France. On the contrary from where the designer stands today, she did not major in apparel wear, instead had a concentration in dance choreography. Her interest in fashion design became apparent only after her experience as a dance choreographer all around the world, from Korea to Paris for numerous of years. Her keen attention to body shape and movement is translated effortlessly into her fashion designs. the way she designs goes back to her previous career as a dance choreographer. as a result of knowing the human form so well, she knows the body inside and out; the way the body moves and what should and should not be the restraint of the form and function of a piece of clothing. Choi concentrates heavily on comfort without sacrificing the opportunity to fashionably stand out among the crowd. Working as a dance choreographer Choi was very hands on during the making of stage apparel worn by her and her dancers by changing lines and cuts in various places to enhance the mobility of the body. She believes that clothes should not be a separate element from the body, but a second skin working and moving with the body at all times.